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October 25th, 2008

a blog roundup

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I’ve been reading a lot of brilliant blogs lately and so I feel it is my duty to post quotes from them so that you’ll go and read them to. This is me playing with being a “real blogger” and not just someone who posts sort of ridiculous flash fiction a lot.

Burque Babble:

The Bank of Burque Babble (BBB) formally announces that it is foundering, and in need of significant government assistance. We’re not proud of it, but BBB has made a series of imprudent financial decisions in recent years that have left it in a precarious position. We are, of course, referring to our sizable investments in the purchase of foreign and U.S. microbrewery beer, not to mention our Netflix, XM Radio and Broadband cable entertainment holdings.

These exposures combined with the rising costs of health care and little doo-dads to put on our commuter bicycle have left us at risk of becoming insolvent. We acknowledge that even the merest of regulatory safeguards could have helped prevent this crisis, and that we should have started using Quicken years ago.

Duke City Fix (the boy, specifically):

Here’s two incidents from early in Darren White’s role as sheriff that undermine his judgment. Fear mongering in the first, and weakening our city’s record on human rights in the second. Plus, both mistakes (no matter what perspective you have on the morality involved) were costly, and undermined public faith in the Albuquerque Police Department. This isn’t the record of a man who is tough on crime, and it isn’t the record of a man who supports inexpensive government. This is a record of grandstanding, bravado, and recklessness. And if elected to the house of representatives, this man will get a vote about whether or not our nation goes to war.

A Softer World’s One Bloody Thing After Another (This is more of a short story and not a blog, but it is still super good):

Sometimes Margaret tells herself that there’s a moral difference between killing kittens for no reason and what she does. Killing kittens just to kill kittens would be evil. That would be cruel for cruelty’s sake. But Annette needs to be fed. This is the sort of thing that a real country girl would have to do. It’s practical, not evil. People kill animals for food all the time.

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