Davidson on Yucca Mountain

Keay Davidson, one of the Nukebeat’s favorites, tees off on the DOE Yucca Mounain schedule:

Thousands of tons of deadly radioactive rods of spent nuclear fuel and waste have accumulated at three California nuclear power plants because the federal government has failed to open a permanent nuclear burial site in Nevada that was supposed to be ready eight years ago.

And the delay is only getting worse: Last week, the U.S. Department of Energy announced that the nuclear dump site won’t open until 2017 — almost two decades past the original 1998 inauguration target and five years beyond the most recent scheduled opening date.

The latest delay climaxes a yearlong debacle at the Yucca Mountain Project in Nevada — a debacle during which staff scientists were suspected of fraud, federal investigators blasted the project’s management, and project officials announced plans to revamp the operation and redesign the burial site. On July 14, according to news reports, officials said they’d lay off up to 500 employees as part of the planned reorganization.

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