March 09, 2003

I have too many blogs already - Advogato, the Nuke Beat, my ABQJournal musings. Starting another seems a bit of overkill. They all have their roots elsewhere - a pre-existing publisher in the case of the Journal and Advogato, which provides a built-in audience. There's comfort in that. The Nuke Beat's just a hare-brained experiment, which may or may not work. But they all have something in common, which is me. There are times when, writing for one or another, I feel uncomfortable. Too much free software ranting is prolly a bad idea on the Journal blog, and I've never been entirely comfortable bragging about my incredibly smart and talented daughter on Advogato.
That's why I decided to consolidate things here. By no longer hiding behind the skirts of an existing publisher, I lose built-in audiences, but that seems fine. I'll still do the other blogs when my whim suits their audience (and in the case of ABQJournal, I get paid for that, which still amazes me). But if Tim Berners-Lee's original idea of the web as a medium for both reading and writing has any meaning at all, this is it, so my Inkstain web site must reflect that.

Posted by John Fleck at March 09, 2003 10:10 AM

You could always hack something into MT to be able to post entries back to Advogato using XML-RPC. I use NewsBruiser, not MT, but I do a simlar thing so I can write entries on my site and push select ones out to other sites (including Advogato).

Posted by: Gary Benson on March 12, 2003 04:02 PM

Interesting idea. But I think I'd rather stick with bone-simple.

Posted by: John Fleck on March 13, 2003 01:55 PM