July 16, 2003

Reader Michael Hudson points out that my July 5 post about owning Bowie Poag is now the top-ranked Google result when one searches for information on the life and times of the inestimable Mr. Poag. Noted Mr. Hudson:
Of course, googling for Bowie Poag now gets this blog entry as the top hit.

Gotta lova google juice.

You may recall that post was about how something else I had written topped the Bowie Poag rankings. One wonders how this one will fare.

I'll reiterate that it's Zach Beane's Bowie Poag time line that deserves the real Google Juice here, and y'all should read it and link to it as often as you can, because it's really funny.

Posted by John Fleck at July 16, 2003 08:55 PM