Stuff from the bike

Stuff from today’s bike ride, seen and heard:

  • The Curb Cafe, going in where the old Cafe Riviera used to be on Constitution just west of Carlisle
  • A guy walking down the bike path, up along the north diversion channel, playing a flute
  • A lovely little hawk of some sort, alighting on a telephone pole
  • On the banana peel sticker battleground, the number of stickers is up to 36
  • Not one, nor two, but three new trains stations under construction – one on El Pueblo for the Railrunner commuter train, one in the BioPark parking lot for the zoo toy train, and another that I think is for the Railrunner over by downtown
  • A woman in a car behind me at a stop sign who shouted, “Nice ass.”


  1. I love the vantage point from a bike… one always gets to see the city and the day from such a different perspective…
    For instance, I live less than a dozen houses away from the former Cafe Riviera, but I had no idea that about the change of hands… I’m glad to hear it… It’s a great space and we need more cafes in the ‘hood!

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  3. Man –

    The “PC stoning” would be deserved. I hope I don’t need to explain why there is a clear difference when a man yells something like that at a woman. It would be nice if we lived in a world where women don’t routinely feel threatened. But they do, and men don’t, which is why it’s most definitely not funny, and not acceptable, for a man to yell something like that at a woman.

  4. nah i think it works both ways obv men wouldnt feel threatened in a physical sense But…. some men might

    personally i wouldnt be able to get my head through our front door if a woman shouted that at me 🙂

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