I grabbed three CD’s on my way out the door yesterday morning. (I’ve been using headphones to listen to music at work lately to drown out the chaos on days I need to write – mostly jazz, music without words.) I took Birth of the Cool, Brilliant Corners and Saxophone Colossus. I was looking at the lineup on Birth of the Cool and noticed Max Roach on drums. I grabbed the Sonny Rollins. Max Roach on drums. The Monk. Max Roach on drums.

So is there just one jazz drummer?

Actually, it was just a coincidence. I went through my jazz CD’s when I got home and there were lots other drummers. But it made me think that I don’t really pay much attention to the drumming. I pay attention to most of the other players, but the poor anonymous drummer….

So in tribute to Max Roach, I’m going to start paying attention.