The Lone Hacker

There’s this archetypal moment at the end of Lone Ranger episodes where the masked man and his trusty sidekick have ridden out of town after saving the day. One townsperson says to another, “Who was that masked man?”
“I don’t know, but he left this silver bullet,” says a second.
“Why don’t you know,” says a third. “That’s the Lone Ranger”.
That’s the way I feel this week with the maintenance of the stylesheets for GNOME’s Yelp help browser. Mikael Hallendal posted a note looking for someone to take over their care and feeding. They need a lot of more love than they’re getting, and none of us are particularly fluent in XSLT. From out of the night came this, from Shaun McCance. And then, in a flurry of late-night hacking (you can tell by the time stamps on his patches) he tore through the bug list, metaphorically mowing down the bad guys with a clear eye and a sharp aim – clean shots, killing no one, just blasting the guns from their hands.

We do not know who Shaun McCance is, but he is a free software hero.