Spanish Broom

One man’s flower is another man’s weed, apparently.

Our neighborhood is alive right now with the fragrance of the lovely yellow-flowering Spanish broom – Spartium junceum L.. Here in Albuquerque, it’s lovingly cultivated for its lovely open green stems and wild yellow blooms. We’ve had one for several years on the mound in our front yard, next to the cactus. It’s always muddled along, but never really bloomed until this year, when we gave it its own dedicated drip water supply. Now it’s on fire.

It grows well here in gardens, but doesn’t spread much on its own. Not so elsewhere. Apparently in some wetter climates, Spanish broom is considered a Class A Weed.

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  1. I am considering putting some Spanish broom in our front garden in London, England. I read about its long-flowering season, its fragrance, and its striking foliage. But other people seem to have doubts about it. I wonder if you could advise me?

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