Sick as a Dog

Where does that cliche come from? My dog never gets particularly sick, and least not like I feel now.

I’ve had this fantasy for a number of years that all the exercise I do keeps my immune system in tip-top shape. That’s why, the theory goes, when I get a cold it’s always mild and quick. I don’t remember the last time I’ve missed work – maybe that memorable evening during the 1998 election season when we all got food poisoning at work from the take-out-meal they brought in to the newsroom. That was hilarious. Election feed Tuesday, and half the staff was out by Thursday.

Today I had to kill a trip to Phoenix I’d been really looking forward to for a workshop tomorrow on communicating about climate. I waited until the last minute to pull the plug on the trip, hoping I would recover. Oh well. Sometimes you’ve gotta just suck it up and admit you’re sick.

L’s taking good care of me. Gotta love love at time like this.