Had a bit of an adventure today installing the new Fedora. It rather conflicted with my old bastardized installation in unpleasant ways, so the only solution seemed to be to blow away the entire Linux partition and start from scratch. Just as well, as it needed cleaning out anyway and I have good backups. This took time, and there was a moment (a looong moment) of upleasantness when the old Lilo was gone but the new Lilo was not there to replace it, and I was blessed with a large beige paperweight. But it worked OK in the end.

The method to my madness was/is to settle on a stable installation for my working environment and stop all this “I’m a hacker” upgrade stuff. Repeat after me. Stable working environment. Stable working environment. I’m going to move all the gonzo GNOME 2.5 stuff to an entirely separate userspace so that I’m not tempted. Well, maybe I’ll just cheat a little and keep up-to-date on the latest libxml stuff, but that’s it. I swear. I don’t wanna be a hacker.


  1. I’m sure you can stop anytime you want. But what if we offer you this free sample here…? How can you really resist? 🙂

    Although, to be fair, you are a braver man than me, Mr. Fleck, if you have been installing bleeding-edge GNOME into your standard prefixes. Much, much braver.

    And in the bug reporting department…

    Have you also upgraded Movable Type at some point recently? The Blog Roll now seems much narrower (a vertical list of single words). Something like


    I mean, I know I have a small screen, but I’m sure I have room for one more word per line. Particularly given that I still need to scroll horizontally to see the right side of the Blog Roll box.

  2. No, I wasn’t installing bleeding edge stuff as root, but I’d end up with a jhbuild directory and a garnome directory in my home, with a bunch of commented in or out lines in my .bashrc setting the PATH etc. to use the bleeding edge stuff. And via Gconf and various other weirdnesses, things would bleed back and forth into one another in unexpected ways.

    On the MT type stylesheet tables thing, I’ve got a weird combination of CSS and tables that I did a long time ago, and I don’t remember quite how it works. But when I put a picture in, like that lovely shot of the bosque from last weekend, it can push things aside. Maybe that was it?

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