The Escalade

I don’t like to whine here, so I’ll make this brief.

On a long ride yesterday on on the west side of town, our little trio of cyclists was honked at only twice. In both cases, there were two lanes in our direction – the drivers had an entire lane of their own. Our sin, what apparently drew their ire, was that we had inconvenienced them by forcing them to change lanes. They didn’t even have to slow down. All they had to do was change lanes. Both were driving big ol’ SUV’s. I’m sure that’s just coincidence.

On the bright side, lots of cars passed us politely, without honking. And there was one other honk, a big semi out on a lonely stretch of two-lane. He honked politely when he was still about a half mile away, a quick two-blast toot on his big air horn so we would know he was coming.

On a related note, I have quite literally never seen a muddy Hummer. There are a bunch around town these days, but they all seem real clean. What’s up with that?


  1. I obviously wasn’t there, but could it have been they were cyclists giving a “yay for cycling” honk or something?

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