My dog, Sadie, amuses me as follows:

Sadie with curtain over her head

She spends a great deal of her energy looking out the front window. To enable this, we’ve put a stool by the window for her to sit on. When the curtain’s closed, she’ll stick her nose under and push it up. It drapes over her head, and from the front yard she looks like a Nun. We call her Nun Dog when she does it.

She seems to like this. Now when the curtain is pushed to one side, she’ll still slip her nose under it so it’s draped over her head. And lately, as in the snap above, she’ll slip her nose under it, then turn and look into the house toward us, Nun Dog in reverse. This amuses me.

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  1. I am Con’s dog. My name is Suzi. I’m a Lhasa Apso, and I’m not big, like Sadie.
    I amuse my mom a lot! First thing we do in the morning is play ball. I hide it under the bookcase and she comes with the yardstick and smacks it until it comes out. By that time her coffee is not hot any more…it can’t burn her tongue….and I’m all ready for breakfast.
    I think you are handsome with the curtain draped over your brow. have a great day…Suzi

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