The new stove arrived yesterday. The old stove was one of those hideous cheap white things that’s always the cheapest thing on the showroom floor. We inherited it with the house when we bought it.

The new one is a thing of beauty.

New Viking stove

That’s my first omelette cooking on the new stove. It has spinach and broccoli in it.

omelette cooking on new Viking stove

Is there some sort of postmodern irony associated with the fact that I blogged the omelette before I finished eating it?


  1. Electric ranges provide an easier control over the temperature of your pan. I find I always had the gas stove turned down to the lowest possible setting when I cooked on one. With an electric range I can be sure the pan is receiving just the correct amount of heat for a perfect simmer or omelette.

  2. Electric stoves have their benefits. I have approximately twelve square picometers of counter space in my kitchen. An electric stove, by virtue of being completely flat on top, provides for me some much-needed counter space.

    That omelette looks good. I’m going to go eat now.

  3. John, the real reason you’re so taken w/ omelette blogging is that the slogan “Live Better Electrically” has taken a subconscious hold on your behavior. It happened when you read EASY-DO PARTIES. You know, you’re seemingly the only other human in the google universe who has a copy of this weird but strangely wonderful booklet. I was going to sell my copy on eBay until I started reading it and laughed myself off my computer chair. Hey, how about some frozen blobs of whipped cream (p. 22) for your next coffee klatsch?

  4. DJ – You would have loved the garage sale at which I bought it. Our neighbor Doris and her friends are of that generation, firmly and unapologetically, and every six months or so they have a garage sale full of such gems. They are delightful. When I saw the booklet on their book table for a mere 25 cents, it changed my life.

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