That Silly Grin

Pretty much every cyclist I passed today on my ride along the riverside trail had the same silly grin on their face, a cross between “Jeez this is fun” and “You’re as much of a fucking idiot as I am.” Something about the shared adventure….

The weather was snarky, spitting a mix of snow and rain that got progressively thicker the longer I was out. The weather had what the meteorolgists call “energy”, showers popping up here and there all morning all over the valley, spitting in my face at least half the time, until the trail was wet and my tires were hissing, sending up rooster tails. Usually I stay in on a day like today, but I’ve been cooped up with a stiff neck for, like, a week or more, and I’m finally feeling good, and I’ve spent all this money on high-tech clothes, damnit, I’m gonna ride!

Note to self: try the plastic bags around the socks trick next time. My feet about fell off, they got so cold after the water got through my shoes. But the rest of the high-tech clothing performed admirably. Must give bike a bath, though.

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