For my friends and family in the deep freeze back east (Looks like you’re in a warming trend! Above freezing today at Groton, down the river from my sister’s house!) I’ll point out that the thermometer on my back porch reads 56.8 and I’m wearing shorts this afternoon.

update, early evening OK, that was a bit of a cheat, and I knew it. My backyard thermometer reads high, the official high was just 51. But I really was wearing shorts.


  1. So the sound was off on ESPN this morning at the gym, but it appeared that there was a man throwing an oblong ball with some sort of horse footprint thing on his head. And it appeared that no one was able to catch this oddly shaped ball, except sometimes people wearing different colored shirts with no footprint on their heads. And it appeared that there was something white falling from the sky. Could that have been this Mister Manning? Could that have been snow?

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