Brit Chastises Us

We may be allies on some really big things, but the British government’s top science advisor isn’t so keen on U.S. policy with respect to climate change, accordng to the Independent:

Britain has attacked President George Bush’s administration for failing to take action on global warming, as part of an intensifying drive to get the United States to treat the issue seriously.

Professor Sir David King, Tony Blair’s chief scientific adviser, took the opportunity of a speech on Friday at the American Association for the Advancement of Science to brand the President’s position as indefensible.

Arriving straight from talks with senior officials in Washington, he pointedly reminded the US that it has signed up for the Kyoto protocol on combating global warming, which the President has been trying to kill.

And he added: “Climate change is real. Millions will increasingly be exposed to hunger, drought, flooding and debilitating diseases such as malaria. Inaction due to questions over the science is no longer defensible.”

King, you may remember is the one who, in an article in Science last month, said climate change was more dangerous than terrorism.


  1. With good reason, too. Attempting to avoid the issue will fail horribly, and not as far in the future as you may think.

  2. And he’s correct in that assertion, too. At least if you care about timespans longer than the next year or two.
    Frankly, the current US administration’s behaviour when it comes to honouring international treaties is appalling – it expects other countries to meekly toe the line with all of the US’ desires, but when it comes to doing things that might benefit the whole planet they’re totally disinterested.
    (and yes, I’m British, in case the spelling didn’t make that immediately obvious)

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