Snow Days

I was talking to my daughter, Nora, and her friend, Andy, last night about snow days.

We all anecdotally remember the kids having a lot more snow days in the past, but it’s been years – Andy said he’s pretty sure at least four – since school here in Albuquerque’s had to be cancelled because of a big storm. I need to track down the statistics to see if our memories are right.

Here’s someone who has some related numbers:

Over the past decade, resorts across Europe have expressed increasing concern about the early melting of the snow cover. The Swiss Association of Winter Sports Resorts says that in the past 20 years the length of the season in the Swiss mountains has been shortened by 12 days due to the increase in temperature.

In the French city of Grenoble, the Snow Research Centre said that a 1.8-degree increase in temperature in France would shorten the annual length of snow cover at above 1500 metres to 135 days from 170 (minus 20 percent) in the northern Alps, and to 90 days from 120 (minus 25 percent) in the southern Alps.


  1. I don’t recall school ever having been cancelled on account of snow here in Trondheim, Norway, or in any not utterly remote place in this country.

    There is a town in the far North-East however, were they declared a holiday when the temperature reached 20 C a summer’s day a few years ago.

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