Waiting on Line

And then (I hate to belabor a point. No, that’s wrong, I think we must belabor this point.) there is this, from no less than Andrew Sullivan:

The pictures of all those regular and not-so-regular couples waiting patiently in line for hours and hours and even days to get a piece of paper which probably won’t give them any rights at all – that’s revolutionary in the public consciousness. Suddenly, it’s not the gay pride parades and mardi gras festivals that illustrate gay lives. Suddenly, it’s love and patience and kids and umbrellas and bouquets and tuxedoes and all the other bric-a-brac of living.

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  1. As I said before, I won’t tolerate uncivil speech here.

    As you’ll note in the other posts, Mark, I’ve not deleted posts simply because they’ve disagreed with my views. The ones I’ve deleted, and the IP’s I’ve banned, are from those who engage in what I would characterize as hateful speech. That I won’t tolerate.

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