So here’s the dilemma.

I just did the 7 a.m. check on my rain gauge, and we got 1.65 inches in the last 24 hours. (This is a desert. That’s a lot.) The forecast calls for lots more rain all day, and the radar shows big bands of wet all up and down the Rio Grande Valley, as far as its electronic eye can see.

The plan was a long and serious bike ride today. It looks as though at least the start of the ride will fit between bands of rain, but we’re almost certain to get soaked. On the other hand, with that much rain it’s bound to be interesting out there – the river swollen, the arroyos flooded, etc.

It’s a discomfort/adventure tradeoff.

update: It’s a go. Said Jaime, “Just think. The competition probably isn’t out there.” I just want you to remember that he said that, not me.