Cafe Riviera

So if you’re in Albuquerque, you’ve gotta go have coffee and a sandwich, or desert, at Cafe Riviera. It’s on Constitution, just west of Carlisle. I swear, we were sitting there this evening having dessert, and they had a guy on the patio playing a trombone.

Right off the bat, any place that has a guy playing the trombone is obviously great. But I’ve had this fantasy for years that someone opens a little coffee place in our neighborhood, so Lissa and I could wander over on warm summer evenings for desert and to watch the people come and go – and they’d be smart and interesting people, probably wearing sandals. And the place would sell the New York Times. I mean, you can get the Times out of a machine in front of the supermarket, but that’s not the same as picking it up off of a pile next to the coffee pump pots.

OK, Cafe Riviera doesn’t seem to have the Times. Yet. But they’ve got pump pots, and the people looked interesting. So go there and spend your money, please. This is my fantasy. We can’t let them go out of business.