Fixing the Dryer

My wife, Lissa, is not only beautiful, but smart and talented. Here’s proof:

Last night I threw some clothes in the dryer that I needed for work today. When I went to take them out, they were still sitting there wet. I figured I’d forgotten to turn the dryer on, so I hit the start button, heard the engine rev up, and left.

An hour later, they were still sitting there, wet. The dryer was busted. Dollar signs flashed before my eyes. “Don’t worry,” Lissa said. “I’ll deal with it tomorrow. We can put up a line or something until we get it fixed.”

This morning, she told me she had an idea what was wrong. Maybe it was just a busted belt. This afternoon, she called me at work. It had been a busted belt, and they had a new one at the store where we bought it. Total cost to fix it: $13, plus a few hours of her time. Lissa completely rocks. But it gets better.

When she had the dryer torn apart, she found a ton of change that had fallen out of various pockets over the years. The total take: $14. That’s a $1 net profit.