Doing Docs

In the course of building GNOME 2.8, I happened to see some DocBook errors flying past in the terminal window, and I thought, “Well, there’s something I know how to fix.” So today I sat down and banged out a patch to the Rhythmbox docs so they’re now valid DocBook. I was pretty rusty – the details of DocBook are thankfully not something that I’d committed to memory – there’s only so much room in my brain.

Inspired and with nothing else pressing to do this afternoon (I’d already cleaned the stove), I found a couple of other places where docs fixes were in order in 2.8. The dictionary docs got a necessary tweak, and shaunm pointed me to a new contribution from the Sun team – docs for the vino thingie – that had yet to be integrated. Integrated they now are, at least in CVS.