Yet More Hurricanes and Climate

Ross Gelbspan is speaking in Albuquerque next week, so I picked up a copy of Boiling Point, and this morning I chased down the references associated with the little discussion of a couple of weeks ago over on Chris Mooney’s blog about hurricanes and climate change.

Gelbspan’s key reference for his assertions about a growth in extreme weather under greenhouse climate change is Trends in U.S. Climate during the Twentieth Century, by Tom Karl. The paper’s relatively noncommittal on hurricanes (“Recent studies indicate that even if significant greenhouse induced warming were to occur, it is doubtful whether increases in tropical storms would be detectable due to the large natural variability in these storms.”) but gives a good account of other issues related to variability, which is to me the really interesting climate change issue.

It’s a bit dated – a lot’s gone on since 1995 – but still an interesting read.