Bowling Ball Wars Continue

A reader suggests that continuing to replace the bowling balls as they are stolen would be wrong: “Noooo “they” will win then. John, there’s principle at stake here!”

This reader’s alternative suggestion:

1. Point webcam and light at ‘crimescene’
2. Place loudspeaker near ‘crimescene’.
3. Rig loud speaker and light to trigger when bowling ball is lifted from post.
4. Post hilarious pictures of thief having the living-be-jesuses scared out of him on your Blog site.
5. We laugh ourselves hoarse and you hopefully keep your bowling balls in future.
6. Thief is scarred for life and develops a Pavlovian fear-response whenever he thinks of stealing something in future. He gives up his now impossible life of crime and goes to college were he excels in medicine. He later develops a cure for cancer and in his Nobel prize acceptance speech credits YOU with changing his life.

I think we’re on to something here. Rube Goldberg in the service of humanity.