1. Jim –

    Yes, in fact using a new more precise technique developed by the New Mexico State Resources Paleo Division, it was recently carbon dated to April 1, 1999.

  2. What is the context of this photograph? From the photo itself I’m not sure what about it supports the coexistence of human beings. Is ther more information about this find?

  3. wow what a find well this adds on to the list of things that evolutionists cant explain or there probably going to say this is a hoax because it would totaly ruin there theory o yea and the earth is not that old its probably only at the most 10000 years old and throughout history there have been evidence supporting that humans lived with dinosaurs like the inca stones for example the funny thing is there is more evidence of this than the whole theory of evolution…lol man will do anything to explain away that there is a God who created us

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  5. Science is always so eager to explain away what has already been clearly outlined for us. If evolution is true, why hasn’t the crocodile changed over millions of years? The discovery of living coelocanth off the coast of Africa…the fish previously theorized to be one of the first creatures to crawl on to land. Ooops…guess THAT one didn’t evolve. Dinosaurs and man together? sure.

  6. I was never a monkey. If anybody thinks they were that’s their problem. There was never a dinosaur turned to a bird, there is only the truth and the truth is the word.

  7. Blain,

    God created the world, the universe, and biology. These creations allow believers to understand the words of Scripture.

    Studying the rest of creation, beyond the Bible, might be a good endeavor for you. This study will take a while.

    The whole of creation seems to fit together very well without a need for proof texting. Creation is a little complicated.

    A being that can create an entire Universe is probably smarter than we are and more subtle.

    Good luck in your studies.

  8. What religious people need is education.
    The more knowledge they get, the more they will begin to understand the world around them.
    Do not abuse occam’s razor, creationists.

  9. sara the earth has only been alive for about 6,000 year’s thank u very much okay and if u believe that we wure formed from goop than ur wrong becouse becouse that is not what science is about and god created the heavens and the earth and evoulutionist are dorks okay and so if u beleave the earth was alive 63 millon years ur a dork too i hope u come to god and if u already have u must have the wrong god:):]:(:[

  10. Hey Maddie,
    next time you drive your, turn on your lights,or use anything that requires electricity from a FOSSIL FUEL power plant.
    That means COAL or OIL, wich formed from huge swampy forests millions of years ago. Oh and those wisdom teeth in your head, you have to pull them because there isn’t any room in your jaw any more.Why because we EVOLVED larger brains and smaller jaws.

    Read a book (no not that one) you stupid gitt

  11. Drake funny you mention Oil…pretty sure that stuff is CREATED by combining a mixture of things not just picked up off the ground…and not every single person have their wisdom teeth removed…in fact a large number of people NEVER have an issue with them, its not a room issue its a CLEANING ISSUE with the way we DESIGNED a toothbrush its difficult to reach that far back in the mouth…so thus instead of bothering with it…dentists figured it would be easier to yank them. There was no bad side effect from it so it stuck.

    James have you seen lizards? Right, those walking snake things….yep…man guess the Bible got that one wrong too…oops…I dunno about you but if I had my legs taken away and had to slide the way snakes do…I’d adapt a little differently but look relatively the same…put a small neck, legs and feet on a snake…shorten it a little bit (as if it hadnt been slithering along the ground stretching its body)and…..WOA man looks close huh? ingenious isnt it?

    Silly evolutionist. Why are there no monkey men now?

  12. If parrots talk, why not snakes?
    we are not talking about a snake anyway,but Satan who can take on many devious forms. God and Satan both exist in media, movies, music, people.Can you honestly not see the hands of both at work in today’s culture? Anyone who would say God and Satan do not live among us in powerful ways every day I would call insane, Did not carrying the word of God across the face of the Earth abolish such things as the debauchery at the Roman coliseum, human sacrafice to pagan Gods and idols, cannabalism, and a thousand other forms of shocking paganism that could only be described as EVIL?. Where would society be if such practices were still main stream? Did not Satan rear his head when he posessed Adolf Hitler only 60 years ago? What would the world be like if God had not worked through the men who fought the nazis? So much about geography,geology,extinction, accounts of dragons and mythological beasts could be explained by the global flood and the fast retreat of it’s waters. Powerful enough to carve the grand canyon in a day and explain why there are fossilised mollusk shells on mountain tops. Is it any easier to believe all life formed in a puddle of goo and an amoeba spawned into all forms of it? Sounds pretty far fetched to me.(cukoo,cukoo) Where did the puddle come from any way? Truly deep thought requires faith. There is no wisdom without faith.Wisdom is a more powerful and applicable form of knowledge than any other. And to this day there is not a shred of EVIDENCE supporting evolution. It is only a theory being taught as fact, closing God’s teachings from the schools entirely and leading people farther from truth every day. To me that is EVIDENCE of one way in which Satan is working on Earth right now.Darwin should have written science fiction. I’ll admit he was an imaginitive guy, but certainly not based in reality. Don’t let the devil work through you. Develop a personal relationship with God. Once you know him you can no longer deny his existence and will no longer be swayed from the truth.

  13. JESUS is ALPHA HE’S ALPHA and OMEGA. For those don’t understand it means HE is from the begining of time and beyond the end. You know what i was going to drop some sarcasm about UFO’s, the croc and alligator and what have you but i’m not in the mood, what i am in the mood to tell you is The LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST is real and yeah Satan the devil is real also. but you know, us telling you is one thing but HIM telling you is a completely different thing, hence asking HIM for yourself ask JESUS, i mean i’m probably younger than all of you but The Lord is eternal. P.S. when HE answers you you’ll be so happy to of asked HIM, and there some people who HE will not speak to i hope for your sake you are not one of them. Oops i just spilled the can of worms. . .

  14. I fill sorry for all the programmed robots like James who cant think for them sleves and only believe what school books tell them. I mean really just because your books tell you somthing does not mean it is true. Try explaining the ancient pictures from all around the world with dinosaurs and man living togather, explain the red blood cells found in a “65mya” dinosaur bone. People who believe in the bible are killed every day just for telling people about it in other countries. They risk there lives just to let people know about the bible and you think the book doesn’t matter. The bible is the longest and oldest recorded book still being used today.

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