The Broccoli Refrigerator Magnet

My long quest for a broccoli refrigerator magnet is over:

Broccoli Refrigerator Magnet

I found one today at Rainbow Man, in among the old Navajo rugs and jewelry and Santa Fe Railway memorabilia. It’s the railway memorabilia I go in for – old placemats, and occasionally the lovelyMary Colter faux Mimbres dinnerware they used in the dining car on the Super Chief. I almost missed the metal tray of refrigerator magnets tucked in a corner, they just caught my eye on the way out the door. 50 cents each.


It was the tail end of a nice few days wandering Northern New Mexico with my beloved. L and I are a good team when it comes to wandering aimlessly. We shopped some, saw some art (if you’re in New Mexico or headed this way, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum has a terrific show of Charles Sheeler, the modernist photographer) and added some new lines to the big map on the wall of my office on which we mark all of our New Mexico travels.

And I found a broccoli refrigerator magnet.