Jeff Baxter, Missile Defense Analyst

Via the Arms Control Wonk we learn that NASA has chartered a new Exploration Systems Advisory Committee whose members include “Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter, Missile Defense Analyst, Beverly Hills, Calif.” As Jeffrey puts it:

Yes, that is “Skunk” Baxter of the Doobie Brothers. How the hell does a guy in a band called the Doobie Brothers keep a security clearance? …. Perhaps our missile defense policy makes more sense if you’re high.

In addition to the Doobie Brothers, Baxter also did a stint with Steely Dan, where on Countdown to Ecstacy he “sheds his outer skin and stands revealed as a Wild Boy.”

Lonnie swept the playroom, and he swallowed up all he found.
It was forty-eight hours ’til Lonnie came around.

I think there’s little doubt that this is the only album I own by a bona fide Missile Defense Analyst.


  1. This person is a traitor. His band served as
    cover in Russia so that fake general & marshal
    Herbert Bryant could make a deal with the KGB,
    His buddy bryant is heir to Ohrstrom family
    that financed Hitler & Iran-Contras.
    Buddy to Bush family —Prescott Bush who
    was money-laundering for Hitler.

    Read your history, the Reichstagge fire was
    staged by Hitler & his bankers Bush, Ohrstrom
    to bring fear to Germany and they gave up their
    rights, just as these same people have been
    terrorizing us with their staged bombings
    and 9/11 to have us give up our rights.
    Fight their Corporate facsism before they
    herd you into the camps

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