The Ubiquitous Christopher Leinberger

Back in the day, when I was working in Pasadena, California, there was a local development guru called Christopher Leinberger who was beginning to make a name for himself nationally for his thinking about remaking American cities in a more usable way. We used to quote him all the time, and then he had a cover story in (I think) the Atlantic. We began referring to him, joking, as “the ubiquitous Christopher Leinberger.”

And then, just as I was preparing to move to Albuquerque, there was a big spread in the LA Times about the new breed of uber-commuters who had homes in beautiful places like New Mexico and commuted a few days a week to their home base in LA. And there, in a casa in Tesuque, was the ubiquitous Christopher Leinberger.

After I moved here, a new developer emerged in the downtown Albuquerque scene, and… well, you can see what’s coming.

So here’s my plan. I’m going to move to, like, North Dakota or something. And see if he follows.


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