A Family’s Anguish

We’ve been pretty fixated as a community here in Albuquerque for the last month on the trope of “John Hyde, evil cop killer.” (For those of you outside Albuquerque, Hyde is a schizophrenic man chaged with shooting two cops and three other people over the course of Aug. 18.) That’s why Leann Holt’s story in this morning’s Journal is so powerful (I’m really sorry to say you’ve got to pay for this. What are those idiots at the Journal thinking?)

Leann shares the wrenching, tragic story of Hyde’s family as he went through a downward spiral and they desperately tried to get help. It’s a part of the story that’s incredibly important, and had not been told. Money quote:

“As long as we can dehumanize the mentally ill, we never have to deal with it,” Bauman said. “Until we own them as members of our society, nothing will change.”