Reader Comments

I got a nice note this morning from Lubo? Motl about yesterday’s post, quoted in its entirety here (with Dr. Motl’s kind permission):

Dear Mr. Fleck,

I think that you’re being outrageously unfair to me. Everyone who follows this debate knows that I understand those climate issues that have been discussed at least as well as William Connolley does. At least, unlike him, I know what the latent heat of ice is – while he believes it is 1000 times smaller than it actually is.

Therefore it is highly annoying that you call this semi-educated guy a “British climate researcher” while your sentences about me are constructed in such a way to indicate that my opinion does not matter so much. It’s just unfair in the case that you realize that what you write is nonsense. If you don’t realize it, then it may be that you are honest – but in that case your intelligence is probably not too high.

You also accuse me that I don’t realize that there are stupid people on all sides. I have no idea why you think that I don’t realize it. It’s just another lie – another completely unjustifiable accusation. For example, the creationists may be on my side politically, but they don’t have a scientific approach to biology. If you mean Crichton, you would have to give more details. Crichton’s speech was spot on and it was extremely intelligent. You have not found anything wrong with the speech either.

You’re just apparently used to the fact that you can write a few kilobytes of lies and false accusations, without any justification whatsoever, and there are always sufficiently many stupid and politically biased readers who will appreciate your acts nevertheless.

I believe that you should apologize to me for this outrageous text.

Thanks for your understanding