1. Your new site looks great!
    I especially like the color combo… very New Mexican
    I’m considering the big switch to Word Press too (currently I’m using Typepad)…

    Do you have any words of wisdom in terms of switching?

  2. The transition was amazingly easy from Moveable Type to WordPress. A couple of other local bloggers (Matt Bohnsack and NewMexiKen) did it before me, giving me courage. I also did it on another less important blog of my own to learn. Importing the old MT entries was a snap. How is your blog hosted?

  3. I’m on TypePad, so it’s just up on their (very slow) servers…
    Since I’m not much of a techie, I’m considering going with a hosting service, like LivingDot, which has a 24/7 support line.
    Why did you switch from MT?

  4. I had turned comments off after a losing battle with comment spammers, and the only way to turn ’em back on was to upgrade the software, that I might use some industrial-strength anti-spam tools. When I looked around, it seemed as though all the cool kids were using WP (and by “cool kids,” I mean smart geek friends). I admit I didn’t try the latest MT, but the WordPress user interface is a lot easier to use and the site’s *way* easier to maintain than my old MT installation.

    As a sometime free software developer, I also liked the WordPress license better than MT’s.

  5. Thanks for the input….
    I’ve noticed that the cool kids like WP too… while searching about, I found this interesting site, http://9rules.com, which I still can’t fully grasp… but I like the design quality in the blogs.
    I just read your latest about the best writing vs. average writing — and this relates to that as well!
    Anyway, thanks again…

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