With a couple of fun longish rides this weekend, including a lovely trek through the bosque yesterday with Jaime, I had my first 100-mile week since last March, when the knee drama began.

bike mileage graph

It’s not all about the numbers, of course. It’s also about three casual hours on the bike chatting with my pal, and the golden leaves down in the bosque. But the numbers also are part of the fun, and the numerical milestone matters. Green dots are weekly miles, black line is a four-week rolling average.

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  1. When I commuted to work in Sacramento, my average mileage was 125/week, and it was so flat there that I needed a computer to have something to do. Plus it was a good training gauge. I’m on a plateau now, and because of age and career I’m not going to improve much. And, after a decade of average year mileage over 2000, I pretty much know where I am.

    When I built my current commute bike, I never put on a cyclocomputer. I just realized this weekend while cleaning that it didn’t have one.

    The only bike with one now is my custom-built road (Steve Rex in Sacto. built it and I still get compliments 5 years later). It’s much more important to enjoy the scenery and the time with my friends, and ~25% of the time I forget to set the computer on the Rex.

    All that, and I still enjoy your charts. Once a geek, always a geek. :o)



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