Michael Fumento Gains an Ally

In which my old buddy Michael Fumento (see also more from Fumento) gains an ally in yet his latest blubbering discussion with Tim Lambert.

Seems a character called “Tracy Spenser” started posting comments in Lambert’s blogs extolling the intellectual brilliance of Fumento and Lambert’s relative lack thereof. Spenser also seemed to be posting from the exact same IP address as Michael Fumento. Says Lambert:

It’s a Comcast IP address and Comcast provides one IP address per household, so there can be only one conclusion:

Tracy Spenser is a crazed Michael Fumento fan and is posting from the same house as him. Michael: GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE NOOOOW!!!

(It’s worth noting, just for posterity’s sake, that Fumento’s error that got me so exorcised in the first place, his blatant misrepresentation of the Lancet report last year on deaths in Iraq, remains on his excitingly newly redesigned web site. Despite Lambert, myself and others pointing out how the report’s text directly contradicts what he reported, he has not seen fit to correct his error. I stand by what I said last year: “We’re left with two possibilities here, neither of them pleasant. Fumento, who styles himself a journalist, either misrepresented the study’s conclusions, or he hadn’t read it.”)

Looks like Fumento’s placed himself in the running for the 2005 Golden Rake.