Becoming a World Class City

Via Rich Burridge, an interesting experiment: how many Taco Bells within 10 miles of you?

With their store locator, I found just 15. Rich found 23 around his house, but a little searching found as many as 51 (Hollywood and Manhattan). 15? That’s pathetic. Albuquerque can do better. All we need to become a world class city is more Taco Bells, eh?

update: For better or worse, with Starbucks the number is 22. That compares to 54 Starbucks in Rich’s 10-mile ‘hood, 128 within 10 miles of Hollywood and a staggering 210 within 10 miles of Rich’s chosen Manhattan zip code.


  1. I’m afraid an appropriate demographic analysis would probably put the SF Bay Area at #1 for The Coffee Outlet Which Must Not Be Named. Do you know that there’s a spot in downtown SF with three TCOWMNBNs visible within a few hundred feet of each other? World class perhaps, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a mark of civilization. Taco Bells, now…

  2. Only three Taco Bells within 10 miles of me (thank god), and one of them is at a university and the other at a mall. I hate Taco Bell and have only eaten there once–ironically, in Albuquerque.

  3. Seven Taco Bells and only 3 Starbucks w/in 10 miles (we do have some fine locally owned shops). We’ve got a ways to go ’til we’re world class. We actually have more bait shops in the neighborhood….

  4. Only 13 *bucks in my 50- (or 10-, for that matter) mile radius. Not surprising, since the first local location opened less than two years ago. But sort of scary, for the same reason.

    No Taco Bells here, but 5 in the equivalent Zip code.

    The place? Paris, France. Guess we’re not world-class yet… Though I hope we’re never as “world-class” as NYC by this metric.

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