Bomb Town News Observer

By coincidence, I’m drinking my morning coffee from this mug:
Bomb Town News Observer coffee mug

It’s my favorite mug.

Former quarterly (and printed on paper), the Bomb Town News Observer has gone 21st century:

This morning my mate came across “Crazy Cat Man,” as we dubbed him, sitting out on the sidewalk in front of his house grinding corn with a stone.

“Corn? Are you sure?” I asked, when she related the story later.

Yes, it was corn or some other grain, being ground with a stone (a metate, prounounced Meh-ta-tay)–in the traditional manner of the Anasazi–by a man who makes a living doing something related to nuclear weapons design or maintenance, on a sidewalk, in the middle of winter, wearing shorts.

He used Tupperware to collect and contain his strange booty, which he was manufacturing in heaps.

We’ve now got a pretty good idea of what he eats for breaksfast. Atole anyone?

Los Alamos is, in fact, a strange place.


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