reading 1: Andrew Dessler’s Prometheus post on scientific uncertainty and the making of policy sparked a good discussion. And a copy of his new book, The Science and Politics of Global Climate Change, with Edward Parson, arrived over the weekend. Good so far.

reading 2: Back when I first started thinking about drought in the mid-1990s, Julio Betancourt sent me a preprint of a paper he and Tom Swetnam were working on for the Journal of Climate about large-scale ecosystem phenomena that are linked to big climate swings in the southwest that last decades. I’m rereading it for my drought class, and it’s rewarding deeper perspective I have on the issue a decade later. Mesoscale Disturbance and Ecological Response to Decadal Climatic Variability in the American Southwest.

music: The podgoober challenge: I’m loading all my music into the device and trying to listen to everything. Every piece of music I own. Today’s hidden gem: The Flourescent Leach and Eddie, back at the Filmore East in 1971, doing their big hit record. With a bullet. “Everybody sing along, like a big rock show! C’mon!”

distress call: What’s that boy worried about? Don’t worry J, help’s on the way. (More of Big Mig’s snaps.)

word of the day: osseous – of bone, or turning into bone


  1. Thanks for asking Dano. The knee’s not keeping me off the bike at all, though it was a little stiff Sunday after some climbing. I’m a little tentative about hammering right now.

  2. How do you pronounce that word of the day? That is the real question if you want to use it everyday and expand our vocabulary.

  3. Eric –

    I assumed y’all are pathetic like me and don’t actually talk to real human beings out loud, preferring hunkering down in front of terminal and surfing the InterWebs.

    I’ll have to look it up.

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