Ask an Adult

I can’t even begin to put words to the complexity of my feelings about Nora turning 18, and even if I could I’m not sure I’d share them here. So I’ll leave you with this.

Last night at birthday sushi dinner, we purchased a round of Ramune, a Japanese soda with a strange marble contraption stopper. To open it, you flip up the little plastic thing and then…. Well, the point is that opening a Ramune bottle is complicated enough that the first bullet point on the caution label says: “Ask an adult to open the bottle for you.” And it occurred to me that that universe now includes Nora.


  1. In the old days in the UK, apparently, lemonade bottles had marbles as stoppers: the gas pressure kept them in place, you had to push them down to release the pressure. Before my time, sadly. I think kids were supposed to open them, though. But H+S was saner in those days. Happy birthday to Nora.

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