Expanding Earth

An exciting press release arrived at the office today about a subject I’d not been familiar with: the Expanding Earth (EE) hypothesis. Its chief proponent, or at least its most visible, seems to be comic book artist Neal Adams:

THEY, the scientists of Earth have not faced the simple fact that the Earth is growing!…that will all change, now…!

In order to hide the terrible truth (terrible???) that the Earth is growing, “the scientific community” insisted on the concept of “subduction” and has for over 30 years. A concept that is totally untrue and unscientific and well, stupid!

I know what you’re saying. This is crazy, flying in the face of a broad scientific consensus. Just remember the words of Michael Crichton:

The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus.


  1. That would explain the increase in the height of the troposphere then.

    Next up: hundreds of triumphal denialist blogs stating this paper PROVES there is no global warming. See! Told ya!!!!!!!!!!!!



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