Is it just me, or does there seem to be a post-Deutsch flood of climate change news releases coming out of NASA recently:

NASA Finds Stronger Storms Change Heat and Rainfall Worldwide

NASA scientists confirm climate warming is changing how much water remains locked in Earth’s largest storehouses of ice and snow.

Bering Sea Ecosystem Responding to Changes in Arctic Climate

Study previews ice sheet melting, rapid climate change

Scientists Confirm Historic Massive Flood in Climate Change

New Test of Snow’s Thickness May ‘Bear’ Results Key to Polar Climate Studies, Wildlife Habitat

No doubt this stuff had just piled up in Deutsch’s inbox, and whoever replaced him has just been clearing things out?


  1. Actually, you forgot one. Or actually a study of about 100…

    I think I’m on to something here. As far as future climate change goes, there are pretty much two sides to this debate. The ones that understand the last paragraph from this IPCC page (the concept strangely lacking from the “Summary for Policymakers”):

    Which is:
    “Feedbacks between atmospheric chemistry, climate, and the biosphere were not developed to the stage that they could be included in the projected numbers here. Failure to include such coupling is likely to lead to systematic errors and may substantially alter the projected increases in the major greenhouse gases.”

    And on the other “side” there are the people who … don’t.

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