Wet Spring?

Via the Journal’s Bruce Daniels comes word of a forecast for a wet spring:

Who needs computer models and satellite imagery to tell which way the wind’s blowing?

Certainly not Joseph Weldon Crim of Portales. Using what he calls a Plains Indian ritual passed down to him through his father, the 70-year-old Portales resident got a glimpse of a slightly wetter-than-normal spring, with some severe hailstorms in the picture, according to the Portales News-Tribune.

Much preferable to those nincompoops with the computers.


  1. Looky John the Denialist! Glomming on to anything that appeals to your wishes for a rosy picture!




  2. We just got 3 straight days of rain last weekend and it snowed at least one inch today in north central Oklahoma. I can at least hope for a wet spring in OK.

    Anyways, scientists just say their models have been “updated” when it turns out the computers were wrong all along.

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