Desert Island Funk

Back in the day, we used to haunt the cutout bin in the record store at the mall in Walla Walla. One of us, I don’t remember who, picked up an album by Funkadelic because someone said they had some wicked guitar music. (I don’t think they actually said “wicked,” but you get the idea.) It was a pretty great album, but it didn’t really fit into my music life, and it was only lately I realized – hey, wait, I like funk.

Back when I was a kid listening to Top 40, there was Curtis Mayfield. Then there’s the obligatory funk song on each of Bonnie Raitt’s albums, and some vaguely funky Steely Dan backbeats that I always liked. But I’m slow on the uptake, so I didn’t quite get it until I stumbled into a live performance of the Felonious Groove Foundation (go buy Paper Tiger please) and thought – hey, wait, I like funk.

Thing is, I don’t know anything about it, so consider this a lazyweb request. What’s your favorite funk?

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