Morning Ride

My two best riding buddies, Jaime and Steve, are doing the Phoenix Ironman Sunday, which I think is nutty. (Why get off a perfectly good bike and run 26 miles? Wouldn’t it be a lot quicker to just keep riding? I mean, I can understand why you have to swim the water bit, ’cause youre bike would get all rusty….) But I’ve nevertheless benefitted from their efforts, sucking their wheels for a lot of miles over the winter as they prepared. So this morning, their last ride before the race, I tagged along. Just a half hour in the foothills, serenaded by the squeek of new brake pads on their wacky carbon race wheels and a lot of pent up energy. At one point Jaime hit the gas on a little uphill and left me struggling trying to get onto his wheel. They’re good to go.


  1. You have to ride more and pound them. Make them hang on your wheel and suffer. Ride, John, ride!




  2. Thanks for all the help, conversation and friendship. The work is done, hopefully its time to enjoy.


  3. Jumping into this conversation : ) I didn’t know how to join, post, or whatever, but did a search and here I am.

    I have a bike for sale and wanted to get the word out; maybe someone here is interested or has a friend etc. It’s a basically-new (rode 3 times, gently) Diamondback 27speed, 20″, front Rock Shox, disk brakes, Shimano gears etc., scratchless all around, not even any dirt/grease-grime to note. Selling it for $750 — really good deal obviously! Call me at 424-4228 (S Fe) or email I’m selling cause I can’t ride for medical reasons. Thanks – hope this gets out there… Noel

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