Lissa picked up an Ocotillo last fall at the going-out-of-business sale at Rowland’s Nursery. We’re well beyond its natural range, but it’s always been one of our favorite plants, and we see people have some success here with them. Today, Lissa noticed it had leafed out.

Harison's rose

Also, L shot a picture of the Harison’s rose (she notes it’s got just one “r”).


  1. Nah, we didn’t do the wall thing, though that’s the way the most successful ones here seem to be positioned. I’m counting on a shrinking diurnal temperature range to bail me out. 🙂

    And I have a picture, but it’s lousy. I’ll go ahead and post it anyway tonight.

  2. Yes! Pictures of the Ocotillo! Especially since you know what it is. I really need to get a book or something to help me identify some of my shots. Desert USA was of no help on my last venture there, though they’re usually very good.

    Nice shots of the roses though — beautiful.

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