Hot Day in New Mexico

From the National Weather Service

734 PM MDT MON JUN 5 2006


TUCUMCARI                    103               100 IN 1980
PORTALES                     102 TIED          102 IN 1990
DEMING                       101 TIED          101 IN 1996
DEMING AIRPORT               100                99 IN 1980
ALBUQUERQUE VALLEY           100                98 IN 1996
ALBUQUERQUE SUNPORT           98                97 IN 1996
FARMINGTON                    98                94 IN 1946
ALBUQUERQUE FOOTHILLS         96 TIED           96 IN 1996
SANTA FE                      96                93 IN 1946
RATON                         95                93 IN 1946
GALLUP                        94 TIED           94 IN 1996
LAS VEGAS                     93                91 IN 1946
CHAMA                         87                85 IN 1996

To try to get a feel for the urban heat island where I actually live, in the middle of town, I’ve set up an old cotton region shelter in my backyard with surplus NWS thermometers. I’ve had thermometers for a while, and they usually read hotter than the official Weather Service reading from the airport, but I never knew if my setup was comparable. Now it is.

Yesterday’s high in my backyard was 106F.

update: 106F = 41C


  1. John

    I hope you have good air conditioning! BTW: your’s is not the only spot experiencing record temperatures – just think of the poor Aussies down under 🙂

    “Record cold May night: At around 6 am on the 30th, the temperature at Liawenee dropped to -10.5 °C, the lowest value ever recorded during May in Tasmania. The previous May record was -9.7 °C also at Liawenee in 2001. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Tasmania is -13 °C at Shannon, Tarraleah and Butlers Gorge in June 1983. Liawenee was not the only cold spot on the 30th, with some other sites also having their coldest-ever May temperature.

  2. To be fair to us Aussies, we did have a record heat wave in Sydney on New Years Day too: 45?/113?. Sydney is having some of our coldest June days in a long time (6?-11?/43?-52?) and actually, it’s just killing my German friends because we don’t have indoor heating.

  3. I had a roommate in college from Hawaii. When he arrived (this was in eastern Washington state, in the U.S. Pacific northwest), he did not own a coat. I want to live some day in a place where you don’t have indoor heating, or need coats.

  4. There is a (new?) concept in Germany of houses that don’t have any heating or cooling systems. The whole structure of the house is designed to keep the house at a reasonable temperature of ~21C.

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  6. Standard siting is over a minimum 5m square of turf, IIRC. The hardscape underneath surely lends a bias.

    Just ask any denialist: they’ll tell you all stns are sited like yours, John, so therefore there’s no warming!!!!!! (*heart*)

    Nonetheless, the old weather geek is envious. Nice setup.



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