The Immigrant Threat to our Way of Life

Dr. Swamp Cooler today speaks bravely about the threat posed by immigrants to our way of life:

The decision to issue Swamp Cooler Photo ID cards was made unavoidable due to the influx of migrants (California, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, etc.) who come to New Mexico with alien notions of air conditioning that have become a threat to us all.

Dr. Swamp Cooler could not ignore numerous reports of migrant homeowners with refrigerated air conditioning trying to pass themselves off as traditional New Mexican swamp cooler owners.

If you show up at the home improvement store ostensibly looking for cooler pads, water pumps, tubing, compression nuts or any number of things you forgot to buy on the first trip, it is imperative that you actually need these things.

We can’t allow swamp cooler fraud to shred the social fabric.

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  1. I can safely say that I did not understand one word of this. I can also safely say that I am not a New Mexican.

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