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Lissa finished a nice sturdy stand for the cotton region shelter in the backyard. It’s the standard National Weather Service Coop setup. Of course my backyard would be a terrible place for a genuine Coop station – too close to buildings, etc. But this gives me a feel for how the temperatures at our house compare to the official NWS numbers – how big our “urban heat island effect” really is.

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  1. I posted this in the wrong thread, John, but now that I’ve had a minute to think I’ve added something:

    Standard siting is over a minimum 5m square of turf, IIRC. The hardscape underneath surely lends a bias. Surely next this will be a GHCN station.

    Just ask any denialist: they’ll tell you all stns are sited like yours, John, so therefore there’s no warming!!!!!! (*heart*)

    Nonetheless, the old weather geek is envious. Nice setup.



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