A Promising New Climate Blog

One of my frustrations with the climate blogging world is the relative abundance of climate wars-type discussion and the relative dearth of discussion of climate science. Sean Davis has started a new blog that looks promising in this regard: Head in a Cloud. Great early discussion, including a nice piece by Andrew Dessler on work he’s doing on deep convection in the lower stratosphere (convection is another one of those topics that came up in one of those maddeningly science-free discussions in the comments here a while back – Andrew adds some actual science).


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  2. Re the “maddeningly science-free discussion” you linked to, John, what do you expect when the original post was about economics?

    I, too, find the climate change wars a little wearing, though I think useful things are said from time time to time. Recently I have been urging people to take substantive discussions about climate science (and economics?) to the globalchange forum:


    There’s not much evidence of this happening, though.

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