Lissa for Congress

So I’ve been cogitating over a blog post of a couple of weeks, a schtick about our local congressional race. But it seems events have superseded my attempt at humor before I ever had a chance to write it down.

The schtick involved ads in which each major party candidate accuses the other of various sorts of corrupt malfeasance. (Locals in the audience – you know what I’m talking about. I won’t bore the rest of you with the details.)

So my schtick was going to involve an effort to get the candidates to focus on the issues that matter – the bumper crop of weeds in my garden after the bountiful summer rains. “What are you going to do about the weeds in my garden?” I was going to rhetorically ask the candidates.

The thing is, Lissa’s been working like mad on the weeds and has them pretty much whipped. So I think I’m just going to skip the schtick and write in Lissa on the November ballot.

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