Drought Update

Some interesting discussion in today’s drought monitor about the way the early water year is shaping up in the Pacific Northwest:

[T]he 2006-07 wet season is off to a slow start in parts of the Northwest. From October 1 to October 24, Washington rainfall totaled just 2.48 inches (36% of normal) in Quillayute and 1.00 inch (46%) in Seattle. Farther south, abnormal dryness has not yet been introduced in northern and central California and the western Great Basin. However, those areas are being carefully monitored as a result of several factors, including a slow start to the wet season, unusually poor pasture and rangeland conditions, and the threat of late-year wildfire activity.

Similar picture in the University of Washington’s soil moisture model.

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  1. I got folks coming up this weekend to go look for mushrooms. I hope we find enough – it’s been dry as heck up here and the rain has been falling like in CA – big dump, then nothing for a week – 10 days. I actually had to water this summer, but I learned you can stick the hose down the gopher hole and do a pretty good job…



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