Climate Catastrophe

Never mind drought, famine, rising sea level inundating coastal cities, etc. This is serious:

High temperatures in Europe have disrupted the Alpine skiing World Cup, throwing the calendar of the sport’s premier circuit into disarray and raising questions about the future of a sport so vulnerable to climate change.

“It will very quickly be a big crisis for us if we continue canceling races in December,” said Atle Skaardal, who oversees the women’s portion of the tour for the International Ski Federation. “I think it’s very critical, not only for racing but for public skiing, which also has a big impact on racing. We all have to hope for colder temperatures and snowfall in Europe.”


  1. Mmmmmm…women in tight, bright clothes powering downhill at high speeds, thigh muscles rippling, courting danger, pony tails flying behind in a mesmerizing pattern defining sinew and muscle…gone. All gone?!?

    My GOD we’ve got to do something, quick! Action!



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